January 7, 2012

Cibai Laaa Korang Nie...Tak Habis-habis Nak Menipu..Tonton Video Ini Kemudian Baca Pendedahan di Bawah

Kerja puak-puak penyokong Anwar Ibrahim ini tidak henti-henti nak menipu orang ramai. Nasib baik la Raja Petra nie tak lama sangat kena kencing dengan Anwar Ibrahim.

Blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin has found it out the hard way. When he used to make allegations of mismanagement and corruption against the BN government, they were regarded as the gospel truth by his fanatical followers. His blog postings were compulsory reading and even when his imaginations went ridiculously wild, there were enough stupid people who believed in his tales.

But today the hero has become a zero. The same zombies who kissed the ground he walks on now brands him a traitor and liar.

Writing in his Malaysia Today blog dated Jan 6, RPK has alleged that Johan Taharin – the brother in law of PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali – has approached a developer who was encountering difficulties in getting state approvals with an offer to secure a project in exchange for a fee.

In short, a bribe. We also know that developers have been arm twisted into putting advertisements in “Selangor Times” – the free propaganda sheet of the Selangor state government.

Many developers have privately grumbled about this strong arm tactics but many dared not say no to the publishers, which is the Selangor state government.

PKR Vice-President Sivarasa has also organized dinners with developers and at least one dinner, developers decided to boycott because they know they will end up having to pay money.

This lawyer, who projects himself as super clean, has also been accused by RPK of getting legal work from the PJ City Council. So have other PKR leaders like Surendran and Lateefe Koya. So has PKR councillor Derek Fernandez.

It is well known in the legal fraternity that MPPJ has been ordered to give these lawyers legal work. These PKR scums talk about Selangor Capability, Accountability and Transparency (SELCAT) but we all know it’s a lot of bullshit.

Maybe Teng Chang Khim may want to investigate – especially when PKR lawyers are enjoying the loot!

And of course, DAP’s Ronnie Liu is getting regular income from the massage parlour operators in Selangor.

Teng, you are really missing the actions. In Perak, Nga Kor Ming, barely weeks in office, was already giving his wife’s tailor shop a contract to make suits for councillors and state exco members. But here’s the best part – the official complaint against Nga has come from a DAP branch! Well, you dumb headed Pakatan Rakyat fanatics, what have you got to say? (Sumber : Klik Sini).


kampong lad said...

what's new man! kalau nak tengok sesorang itu baik atau tidak, bagi dia kuasa. samada dia guna kuasa utk kebaikan atau salahguna kuasa. barulah kita tau dia ni jin ka, hantu raya ka & apa ka jadah lagi dia nak jadi. belum berkuasa, malaikat pun kalah.

belalang kunyit said...

lancau laaa korang nie...mangkok ayunnnnnn....umno

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